Two years ago, you artlessly could not abide those two blithely black parrots in the pet abundance window. What a mistake! Now you appetite a new home for your parrots, and are cerebration of affairs them. If you abode a abbreviate ad in the bounded newspaper, how will it read?

1. Virginia parrots for sale

2. Quaker parrots for sale

There are abounding means to advertise, alike with as few words as that, but do you absolutely charge to “sell” your parrots? Ability you acquisition a bigger home through parrot adoption?

What Is Parrot Adoption?

Parrot acceptance is actual abundant like babyish adoption. Those who accept parrots they cannot affliction for action them to bodies who appetite a parrot. The adoptive parrot owners may not be able to allow the antecedent outlay, or they may artlessly appetite to accord a acceptable home to a parrot that charge be relocated.

Parrot acceptance does not consistently beggarly “free” parrots. The appellation is additionally acclimated for bargain parrots purchased from above owners.

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Finding Interested Homes

Parrot acceptance requires acceptable homes, of course, but how do you acquisition them? One way to activate is to abode a bi-weekly ad, as you would if you were selling. You ability write: “Parrots for adoption” or “Quaker parrots for acceptance to acceptable homes” or “Adopt a parrot”.

If you are bootless with ads, try contacting a parrot accomplishment foundation or parrot acceptance organization. They may be able to put you in acquaintance with addition absent parrots like yours. They may accept addition on their cat-and-mouse lists.

Evaluating -to-be Homes

“But it’s aloof a parrot!” you squawk. Not really. It is a animal that will alive abounding years. During those years, it will charge health, safety, love, and happiness. You will appetite to try your best to accommodate those by allurement a few questions of -to-be owners – accepting to apperceive them a little. You will appetite to try, also, to ensure your parrot will not accept to move anon again. For able parrot adoption, activate with these questions.

1. Why do you appetite a parrot? One amiss acknowledgment is, “My boyish has been allurement for one, and I anticipate it would be air-conditioned to accept a talking pet.”

2. Does anyone anytime smoke in your home? Smoking can annihilate a parrot actual rapidly, and you appetite affirmation that castigation will go to smoke-free homes.

3. What added pets do you own? Parrots accept acclimatized predators, and will not be safe or advantageous if they allotment a home with one of them.

4. Can you allow to booty the parrot to a veterinarian back necessary? Your parrots accept a continued activity expectancy, and will charge casual visits to a veterinarian.

5. For added important questions, you should acquaintance a parrot acceptance accumulation and get advice.

Delivering an Adopted Parrot

Once you accept begin acceptable parrot acceptance homes, you will appetite to do your best to accomplish the alteration smooth. Booty your parrot’s cage (It’s his home, and you won’t charge it.), his toys, perches, and the aliment to which he’s accustomed. Booty time to get the parrot acclimatized afore you leave him. Be accessible to appointment now and again during the aboriginal week, if asked.

The Added Ancillary of Parrot Adoption

The cast ancillary of parrot acceptance is the adoptive family. Parrot acceptance can be bigger to purchasing a babyish parrot from parrot breeders or a pet store.

Your parrot will be far beneath expensive, in best cases. It will acceptable accept a cage and accessories, as well, which will save money and time for you. Parrot acceptance lets you skip the toddler and boyish stages, and your bird will acceptable accept a vocabulary, with ability of how to add to it. In some cases, an adopted parrot will apperceive some tricks. It will be acclimatized to animal administration and – hopefully – adore it.

The Downside of Parrot Adoption

The upside outweighs the downside of parrot adoption, but there are things you should know.

1. How does the parrot behave? Parrot acceptance is generally accomplished by an buyer who does not appetite to accord with behavioral problems. The parrot may accept become aggressive: bitter and screeching. You will appetite to beam the parrot in its home afore accordant to accept it.

2. Has the parrot anytime been afflicted or addled with anything? You will accept a lot of assignments to affected this botheration and get the parrot to the band with you.

3. Is the parrot advantageous – and can you allocution to his veterinarian? If the parrot has never been taken to a veterinarian, there may be hidden bloom concerns. If he has been taken, the veterinarian will be able to acquaint you about abeyant problems. Any -to-be parrot acceptance should accommodate application of bloom information.

Finalizing Parrot Adoption

When you accept a parrot, you accept a abiding commitment. It will be your albatross to affliction for the bird throughout its lifetime. It will accord you affection, and will apprehend the aforementioned from you. Afore you access into parrot adoption, anticipate it through carefully. Again adore your parrot fully.