The most important thing to consider before getting a pet bird is its cage, as it will be your pet’s home, so you want it to feel safe and comfortable. You will be responsible for providing your new pet with the proper amount of living space.

With so many different sizes, styles, colors, and price ranges of bird cages available on the market, you may find yourself a little confused. While it can seem that there’s an endless amount of cages to choose from, there are a few things that you will need to think about before purchasing a bird cage. The following should help you to narrow down your choice.

First of all you must determine where your new cage is to be located. It cannot be situated near windows or around drafts, and it must also be in an active area in your home, so that there is constant stimulation for your bird. This will also help your bird to gain a higher level of social development.

Next, you need to know what size your bird will end up being when it is fully grown. This of course will vary greatly on the type of bird you choose. Your bird needs to have plenty of space to move around and stretch its’ wings. Many owners of pet birds choose a roomy indoor aviary instead of the small traditional bird cages. It is important to remember, bird cages are not supposed to be prisons, but a safe environment and home for your pet.

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Finally, you need to ensure you choose a well designed cage. Today’s bird cages are available in a variety of styles which include square, round, pagoda-shaped, and house-shaped. Custom bird cages are the best choice, and are available at most pet supply stores. They are made of many different materials, including wood, acrylic, stainless steel, metal, and iron. Steel bird cages are the easiest to clean and will not become chipped or faded.

You must also consider the toys that your bird will play with. Choose some colourful, interesting toys and accessories for entertainment, so that your bird will not become bored or stressed.

A good birdcage can be expensive, and the materials that the cage is made of have a lot to do with the price. You cannot compromise on the price if you want a good quality cage. Therefore your best option is to choose one that is the right size and is easy to clean and has lasting value.