What Indoor Cat Need To Be Happy


Cats provide the greatest companionship. Cats are quiet and affectionate to their owners, which is the reason why most people have them as pets. However, there are certain things that keep these animals happy and healthy. When you decide to keep a cat in your home, you should realize that neglect could bring up very unstable moods and possible misbehaviour.

In some cases, the cats tend to run away from their owners to become a stray cat, which is the opposite of safe and happy. In this article, we tackle the issue and explain what indoor cats need to be happy.

1. Keep them occupied

Cats tend to stay indoors for hours. They spend most of these hours sleeping on the couch, bed, or other comfortable furniture in the house. This behaviour pushes most cat owners to think that the cats do not want the disturbance or any activity, which is the reason they sleep for long. However, this is a common and wrong misconception.

Cats, just like any other pet, require attention and maintenance. The reason for long hours of sleep is mainly boredom. This boredom, caused by the monotony of being indoors, does not make the cat happy.

Therefore, to make your cat happy, you should constantly break the monotony and keep them occupied with certain fun activities such as playing fetch by throwing a ball down staircases. The natural behaviour of a cat involves intense play. Therefore, make sure to provide the cat with a certain toy to keep them entertained.

2. Outdoor time

It is important to allow your cat to have a moment to enjoy the world outside the house. The best cat tree is one of the results of outdoor time you allow your cat. You should also make sure not to worry for cats have ways to ensure they keep safe and away from trouble by retreating to a certain favourite spot.

3. Litter box

Cats are clean indoor pets. This means that they need a special point in the house in which they can “answer their calls” safely and comfortably. The provision of a litter box is not the only solution to this problem. You should also make sure to constantly check and replace the litter box’s content. This allows the cat to remain comfortable and happy inside the house, eliminating the need for any outdoor activities.

4. Food

Cats’ Food and hygiene are the two prime needs for a cat. Concerning food, you should make sure the cat has adequate food. The food should also be balanced to eliminate any sickness or health issues. A cat loves certain foods such as meat and milk. Excessive consumption of these two would cause health issues. Therefore, make sure to balance it out constantly by providing the meat as special rewards to keep the cat excited and happy.

5. Companion

The cat has tendencies to crave attention. This helps the cat remain happy even when they sleep. Experienced cat owners know that cats love sleeping on their owners’ thighs. Craving for attention shows mainly by certain behaviours such as rubbing against your arm or your leg.

When this happens, you should either pet the cat, or pick it up, place it on your thigh, where you can pet him as you continue to do your tasks. This is very important for cats and should happen for a few minutes daily.

6. Comfort

A cat is happiest when comfortable. This means that they prefer to sleep on comfortable places and remain safe from other pets such as dogs, which harass the cats. Therefore, to ensure the cat has the comfort it requires, you should ensure to provide a safe, comfortable, and clean spot where the cat can rest without disturbance. This should also be secluded to eradicate any attention from other pets of other members of the family.

7. Toys

Cats are playful. You should therefore make sure to provide toys with which they can play when they feel the need to. This also helps keep them occupied in your absence.


Your feline companion is very important. They should therefore have the amount of attention they require. With the above tips, your cat will remain in a healthy condition with a happy and playful mood. Remember, when the cat is playful, it is healthy.