Pets don’t see the carpeting the same way you do. For them, it’s a big, soft terrain for exploring, playing, and eating. The results of their days of adventure are often sticky, grimy, and smelly messes. Renting a steam cleaner, or dragging around a Wet Vac takes more time and energy than you might feel it’s worth given you will need to repeat this process in a few days. If you’re like most pet owners you have experimented with alternatives to physically challenging products and tried spray cleaners. Despite the name Stream Clean, requires nothing more than a quick spray, and after seeing a number of good reviews checking the product out is a far more appealing prospect than dealing with the hoses and hot water again.

Stream Clean Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator

Product Feature

  • Proficient STRENGTH: #1 Best Seller Pet Stain Remover and Odor Terminator with effective progressed probiotic and catalyst cleaners for a profound and completely clean of natural stains and scents.
  • Quickly PENETRATES: The probiotic and catalyst based cleaner immediately enter profound to separate and kill stains and scents, so that pets don’t re-imprint and re-splash.
  • MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER: Steam Clean isn’t only for pet stains. It’s intended to be a viable spot cleaner to take out stains brought about by earth, ink, oil, oil, mud, ketchup, upchuck, espresso, tea, wine, pop, and blood. It’s successful on rugs, floor mats, vehicle seats and that’s just the beginning.
  • NO SCRUBBING NEEDED: Plus, no twisting or cleaning required. Simply point and shower and leave!

How Stream Clean With Code Yellow Works 

Having a West Highland Terrier I learned early why these little guys are often called Messy Westies. Cute and loyal, the Westie breed is one notoriously stubborn making house training challenging. Anyone who owns a dog knows once a spot is marked as a place to pee the little guys will return and bring their friends.

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Stream Clean Eliminate Scent 

One critical point to cleaning the carpet after a dog has an “accident” is to eliminate any scent left on the carpeting quickly. As with most owners once I understood how much this scent confused my puppy finding a method of ridding the carpet of any traces of past behavior became an obsession. Friends who have cats have related similar problems, especially with male cats who want to mark their territory.

Several products I’ve tried using on carpets have done a good job in cleaning the carpet to the point of passing any visual inspection, but removing the smell is another matter. Dogs and cats have a much keener sense of smell than humans so no matter how pleasant or strong a masking odor cleaner’s use a product that merely covers the smell is at most minimally effective.

In speaking to my dog’s veterinary I found out the only way to take care of the odor was by breaking the stain down through the use of enzymes. A shopping trip proved disappointing as most cleaners with the necessary enzymes are expensive.

Where to Find Stream Clean with Code Yellow 

Stream Clean with Code Yellow is advertised nationally, so along with many others, I was interested to hear about an affordable spray-on cleaner. This product isn’t found in stores, but it is available on amazon. Stream Clean with Code Yellow contains the enzymes that will break down the stain, and eliminate the odor. Stream Clean is also effective in cleaning other types of tough stains like wine as these are broken down by the enzymes as well.

Biokleen Bac-Out Natural Stain and Odor Remover

Product Feature

  • Annihilates the hardest scents so they are away for acceptable
  • Kind to those with synthetic sensitivities and hypersensitivities
  • Bac-Out is protected to use around kids and pets, even feathered creatures.
  • No fake scent or tones

Safe for Pets and Families 

Also mentioned in the commercials for the product, is the important information that the product is safe for pets and children. This is a sore point for many households with pets as some cleaners with added scents or harsh chemicals can cause respiratory reactions, skin allergies, or worse. This is another plus for products containing enzymes as these do not need strong artificial scents or chemicals.

Stream Clean Reviews 

Naturally, no matter how well any new product looks on television the true telling point is how effectively it’s worked for those who’ve tried it. In scanning reviews of Stream Clean with Code Yellow the biggest difference in reaction appears to be among those who have used similar cleaners before, and first-time customers.

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Coming out of the package those of us who have used spray cleaners in the past are relieved to see there are no attachments in the way of sponges, plastic tubes, or any other complicated devices.

“Just like on T.V. All I had to do was spray. I kept thinking there was more to it, but the stain disappeared.” 

Those who haven’t used similar products are puzzled by the amount of spray required to break down a stain.

Getting Hard to Remove Stains with Stream Clean 

“I just wish there were more instructions. I wasn’t sure how much to spray…”

Again, those of us who tried other products are familiar with one important detail. Stains often go deeper than you would imagine even in the case of small cats and puppies. When you have scrubbed, or use a device to pump the cleaner down through the carpeting simply spraying then waiting almost feels too lazy. Some using Stream Clean report having to re-apply especially on older stains, but others suggest this is more a matter of practice in learning how much to spray at a time.

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Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator Plus Oxi Clean Dirt Fighters

Product Feature

  • Clean
  • Made in USA
  • Disposes of Odors and Releases Pet Hair and Dirt
  • Vacuum Booster – Helps vacuums lift up to 25% more soil
  • Abandons a wonderful aroma for dependable newness
  • Phenomenal on pet mishaps, earth and garbage
  • Likewise retains and takes out scents from smoke, shape and mold

Having a Westie running around my home, I’ve learned to take care of any type of or air freshening product as this breed is prone to skin problems, so for our household, this is a good alternative. Since many customers are stating they’d use Stream Clean again, it’s clear that for most having a safe product which requires little effort is worth the learning curve of figuring out how much to apply.