very pets owners ha e problems with puppy safety, pet health care, and training programs, in this article we will try to explain all points to get perfect care of your puppy’s pets

What you need to know to protect your Puppy


 You’d be amazed at how badly your puppy wants to find out what’s inside the refrigerator, the stove, the dishwasher, and the washer and dryer! It’s easy to unwittingly shut the door of an appliance and trap your puppy inside. Before you close anything, make sure your puppy is safe and sound and outside.


Don’t give your puppy the run of the house. Keep him safe by keeping him contained. Barriers, such as baby gates, are effective at keeping little paws out of harm’s way. For example, using a barrier to keep your puppy out of the kitchen while you’re cooking reduces the chances of him getting stepped on or burned. An X-pen or crate will keep your puppy safely out of mischief when you’re away at work or any other time when you can’t watch him. Crate training is also invaluable when housetraining and helps teach the puppy when to be calm. Also, put safety latches on off-limits cabinets.


Take a look under your kitchen sink and in your cabinets, you’ll be amazed at the variety of chemicals you keep around the house. Household cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergents, mothballs, drain cleaners and insecticides can all spell trouble for a puppy who ingests them.  

If the product’s label says “Keep away from children,” keep it away from your puppy, too. To keep your puppy safe, store household chemicals in a cabinet or on a high shelf where he can’t reach them and clean up any spills immediately.

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Just like appliance doors, household doors pose a potential hazard for a puppy. Puppies can move so quickly and are so small that it’s easy to catch an unwary pup or its tail in or between a door. Keep doors closed (especially doors to forbidden areas, such as basements and garages), and make sure everyone in the house uses caution when entering or leaving.

Electrical cords

Puppies love to chew, especially when teething it’s one of the things they are good at. However, if your pup chews the wrong thing, it can be seriously injured. The electronic equipment in your house from televisions and stereos to computers and fax machines all have electrical cords that are enticing to your pup.


A good fence can ease your mind when the puppy is outside. Check your fence before you bring your puppy home to make sure there are no loose boards, pickets, or connections. But, remember, a good fence is no substitute for a careful owner. Don’t leave your puppy alone or he’s sure to find a way to wriggle out from under the fence. Most dogs are ingenious when it comes to escaping.

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For a puppy, a garage is a fascinating place, full of unusual and interesting-smelling objects. But the garage is also full of dangers. Chemicals, such as antifreeze and industrial cleaners, are often stored in the garage. Clean any car fluid drips immediately. Tools, including saws, sharp nails, and screws can cause cuts. Make sure the garage is off-limits to your puppy.


Houseplants can be lovely to look at, but puppies rarely stop to admire the decor. If a houseplant is within reach, chances are good that your puppy will have a taste. However, plants have waged a long war against the herbivores that eat them, and have developed a dazzling array of defenses. If you aren’t sure about whether your houseplants are a hazard, check out A Pet Owners Guide to Common Small Animal Poisons, found on the American Veterinary Medical Association website.


Synthetic icicles and other holiday decorations offer tempting possibilities to be chewed and swallowed. Glass ornaments can be easily broken, leading to cut paws. Some owners decide to forgo glass and tinsel decorations until their puppy is old enough to know better. If you prefer, you might set the holiday tree up behind a barrier or in a room that the puppy is not allowed to go into.

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How can jewelry be a hazard? Jewelry items are easily swallowed.


You must supervise play between your puppy and children of any age. Young children, especially, may not understand that a puppy is a living thing that can be hurt; they may think of the puppy like a toy. Watching overplay helps you to make sure no one gets hurt and allows both child and puppy to learn proper play etiquette.

Lead Poisoning

Just as little children pick up paint chips and put them in their mouths, so do puppies. If your house is more than 20 years old, be aware that paint may have lead in it. Fix any flaking paint immediately.


Most homes are full of medications that we rarely think about-the aspirin bottle on the bathroom vanity, the vitamins on the kitchen counter. Even seemingly harmless over-the-counter medicines can be dangerous if your puppy gets into them. Remember that sealing the bottle with a childproof cap isn’t enough because your puppy can chew right through the container. The key here is to keep all medications in a place inaccessible to your puppy, such as the medicine cabinet. Aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen are all hazardous to dogs, so resist any temptation to give human painkillers to your puppy without your veterinarian’s OK.


Needles, pins, thread, sequins and other sewing paraphernalia should be stored safely away because they can be swallowed or stepped on.

Other Pets

Adding a new puppy to a household that already includes a pet can be a difficult transition for both pets. Older dogs may be tempted to bite at the newcomer, and cats may swat and scratch. The key here is patience. Introduce your new puppy slowly and your other pets will become friends, not foes.

People Food

Never give your puppy chocolate as a treat; it contains caffeine and theobromine; two alkaloids that can be deadly for dogs. Bakers chocolate is the most dangerous; milk chocolate is about one-tenth as toxic, but can still make your puppy sick if he gets into your Valentine’s Day gift or the kid’s Halloween haul.

It’s hard to resist those big brown eyes when they beg you for just a taste of your salad, pizza, hot dog, or whatever else you happen to be eating, isn’t it? As much as you may want to share, people, food can be hazardous to your puppy’s health.


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Quarters, Pennies, Nickels and Dimes

Coins of all types can be easily swallowed. Any swallowed object can create problems if it gets stuck, so be sure to put your pocket change on the dresser, rather than the coffee table, at day’s end.

Remote Controls

Remotes, VCR tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs are all possible chew toys when seen through a puppy’s eyes. Make sure to store control devices (as well as cell phones and personal organizers) out of reach, and store other entertainment media properly. In addition to ruining expensive possessions, the tape can be swallowed by puppy causing intestinal blockages.


Dogs often swallow stockings and pantyhose. When swallowed, the brief and one leg of the pantyhose can stay in the stomach, while the other leg starts its trip through the intestine. Then, the movements that normally push food along through the intestine cause the intestines to bunch up along the pantyhose leg, leading to an obstruction. Don’t leave pantyhose out on the bed or anywhere your dog or puppy can find them.

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The trash can be irresistible to your puppy. It’s filled with all kinds of off-limit goodies, such as discarded bones, paper towels, vegetable peelings, and plastic wrappers. These are all potential killers for your puppy. Be sure that the trashcan is tall and well balanced enough to keep your puppy from tipping it over. Better yet, put it behind a barrier or in a place that’s off-limits to puppy. When pulling trash out for collection, place trash bags in a barrel with a snug-fitting lid.

Under the bathroom and kitchen sink

These are great places to store many of the items found on this list, from household chemicals and cleaning agents, to medications and plastic wrap, but for puppy’s sake, move these items to higher cabinets. If there’s no other space, buy and use cabinet locks.

Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuums, floor lamps, and other large, freestanding objects can easily be tipped over by a frisky puppy. An object such as this can hurt the puppy if it falls on him. Make sure that your pup plays in a safe area free of any large, heavy objects that might come crashing down. Or, secure the object to the wall. This is especially important for very heavy things, such as bookshelves and wardrobes, which can be tipped by rough play or come crashing down in an earthquake. Upright lamps can cause fires if tipped over onto clothing, drapes, or newspaper. Lamps should be well away from flammable items.


Puppies love to play in water, but it’s very easy for them to fall in and drown. Close the toilet lid and don’t leave full tubs unattended. If you have a pool, hot tub, or fishpond, be sure it is fenced off or otherwise made inaccessible to your puppy.

X-men and other action figures and childrens toys

What’s right for your child may not be right for a puppy. Toys for older children can have small parts that are easily choked on. Your puppy should have plenty of his own safe and sturdy dog toys to play with.


In addition to making sure your fence is secure, look around your yard for possible trouble spots. Check the garden for potential hazards. The tomato plant, for example, is a member of the nightshade family and bears leaves that can cause gastric distress in dogs. Many plants, including digitalis and lilies, are poisonous to dogs. Consider planting those only in garden areas off-limits to a puppy. If you use pesticides or herbicides, now’s a good time to go cold turkey. There are plenty of ways to keep your garden growing without danger to a puppy or the earth. Don’t forget to keep sharp gardening and lawn-maintenance tools in a safe area.

Zero Hazards

While it may be impossible to make your home a place of zero hazards for your new puppy, by following this checklist you can eliminate most common household hazards. When you know that chemicals are safely stored away and that you aren’t going to walk in and find your puppy chewing on your cell phone, you’ll be able to get on with the most important business at hand-learning about and loving each other!