First off, my relatives thought this idea was ridiculous, but then they agreed that this is the only possible solution to our problem. The problem is that we have kittens that are not allowed outdoors yet. But they definitely need to spend some time in the open air, as well as my daughter.

We have thought of this problem for some time and the daughter came up with the idea to buy a pet stroller. Now, we can be sure that both my daughter and the little kittens in the stroller will stay outside frequently. And they really enjoy it.

By Sherry-U |Review| For walking or traveling

After I had moved from the countryside to a city, I decided to purchase a stroller for my cats. Despite being nice and solid, the stroller, unfortunately, was not appreciated by the pets. During the first walk with my cats in the stroller, they had a fight inside although they had never had any conflicts before.

This sticky situation forced me to take one of the cats, Tom, out of the stroller and carry it back home, while pushing the stroller with another cat, Leslie, forward. I didn’t try to use my cat stroller with both cats inside from then onward. However, I am using it when it is needed to take one of my pets to a vet. Taking a single cat into the stroller seems fine.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs

Product Review

  • Simple bolting No-Zip section; no battling with zippers!
  • All-encompassing perspective window with 3 positions covering
  • Enormous 6″ wheels for simpler walking. Max. Limit: 25 lbs
  • Front safeguards and advantageous parent plate/cup holders
  • If it’s not too much trouble look underneath and read “From the Manufacturer” for energizing highlights.

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By Arianna |Review| Adventures with my kitty

Several years have already gone by since the time I bought the first stroller for my cats. When they were little kittens, they really enjoyed staying in the stroller, but after some time they became bigger, so some problems with fitting in the device have appeared. Cuddles liked to move around the stroller a lot, but it caused some problems for Pebbles. It resulted in minor fights, including bites and hisses.

However, no big fight between the cats occurred. It seemed that the only solution was to have two different walks, with each pet separately, and I couldn’t make time for it. But I managed to deal with the problem by buying another type of stroller. The new stroller is much bigger, has larger wheels, and both my cats enjoy staying in it during a walk.

By Pebbles and Cuddles |Review| Pet stroller reviews

Various kinds of strollers exist. My new stroller has one part topping another, so Pebbles and Cuddles have enough space, and now they enjoy taking walks. During our outings, we often see different animals, including birds, dogs, and squirrels, but I am not afraid that any of the cats jumps out and runs away because both of them are zipped and safe inside.

Another benefit is that now I can understand when a pet wants to take a walk. When one of them sits and meows in the stroller, it means that the time for a walk has come. I believe that the usage of a cat stroller is very useful because it makes the life of every cat fulfilling and interesting.

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By Petty H. |Review| My cats love it

When I had seen a cat stroller for the first time, I set my sights on buying it. I even had managed to find it online, but then changed my mind and decided to craft it with my own hands! I have manufactured my stroller from the old baby carriage and the old jeans of my husband.

I have walked around a city with my cat in the stroller, and it liked the walk very much. However, such a pastime is not for everybody. My husband refused to walk with us. Many people in the street were amused to see a cat in a stroller, so they frequently asked to make a photo with us.

By Leslie |Review| Best for exhibitions

If your cat has a dynamic life and participates in many exhibitions, such a stroller is a must-have. Using this transportable device you will have an opportunity to bring your pet to an exhibition with a perfect look, and it will help your cat to stand out among others, increasing your chances for success. A stroller has pockets where you can place a feeder, water, grooming equipment, and other necessary things, which will preserve as comfortably as a possible pastime for your pet at the exhibition.

By Rose Elvis |Review| Nice product

I think that the primary goal of such strollers is to transport a pet to a vet. It is very difficult to carry any pet, including a cat, because some cats are very heavy to carry. Besides, a stroller can be also used to transport heavier pets, for example, dogs. However, walking a cat or a dog in such a stroller can be very convenient too.

By Helen I. Kirk |Reveiw| Easy to use

When I was in China, I saw such strollers many times with different animals inside. In some cases, those animals were very big which surprised me with how they fit into their strollers. It seemed to me that all animals felt very comfortable inside because they were looking around and exploring the world calmly. The great benefit is that your pet can’t run away even if you don’t use a lead.

By vet |Review| Can Be Helpful

I am a vet in one of the private animal clinics. Some of my patients must use pet strollers because of their traumas. For example, one of the cats has a trauma of the spinal column.

The cat’s hind limbs became paralyzed, but its owners managed to find the solution, so they bought a cat stroller instead of putting the cat down. Another cat has problems with its respiration center and it lacks oxygen, so walking for a long time can cause a faint. In both these cases, cat strollers became saving solutions.

By Anika |Review| Pet gear stroller

One of these strollers belongs to me. It is very handy when used for transportation to exhibitions. However, I think that my cat has to move and run around as much as possible, so we don’t use the stroller for our walks too often.

By Gadget Lover |Review| Nice Pet Stroller

I saw this kind of cat stroller at an exhibition once. At first, I had thought that it was a redeveloped baby carriage, but only then I finally realize that this thing was initially designed for cats. In my opinion, this is a useful device for different exhibitions and events like that. A pet can be transported easily and a stroller won’t take up much space in an exhibition hall. However, I don’t believe that a stroller is a good idea for walking a pet.


Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller for Cats/DogsBest Offer

  • Pet Gear has really “raised the bar” with our new Happy Trails Lite No-Zip stroller. No zippers mean no hassle when trying to open and close the stroller.

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller for Cats/DogsAmazon Choice

  • Our new NO-ZIP innovation implies that you can undoubtedly access your pet without bobbling with troublesome zippers! The Happy Trails NO-ZIP carriage likewise includes a raised paw rest.

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  • Regardless of whether you are a devoted jogger or you basically need an additional smooth ride for your pet, the Pet Gear, Jogger NO-ZIP Pet buggy is the ideal fit. No zippers imply no issue when attempting to open and close the carriage.

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