The measure of a Basset Hounds devotion to food is the eagerness with which most Bassets gobble down even the blandest and unappetizing of meals.

Elements of your dogs diet include water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Water is the most important substance of all, because a dog can do without food for much longer than without water. Its your job to make sure your dog has a constant supply of clean, fresh water, preferably in stainless steel dishes. Steel dishes are easy to clean and wont develop cracks, chips or pockets like plastic or ceramic dishes, thus reducing the chances of food contamination. Wash the dishes frequently, because most Bassets dont like drooly water and will turn to alternate sources, such as the toilet.

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Proteins build muscle. To be at its best, your Basset needs an animal protein source.

Animal protein (meat, eggs, dairy products) is much higher in quality than plant protein. For example, the so-called biologic value (amount of nutrients versus the nutrients actually absorbed by the body) of eggs is 100; that of corn is 45.

As a rule, the cheaper the food, the less animal protein it contains; animal protein is more expensive than plant protein. Manufacturers arent required to list what percentage of protein in the food comes from animal sources as opposed to plant sources, so youre forced to guess by checking the list of ingredients. Foods that list an animal protein source first are more likely to have more total animal protein, but not necessarily. Some plant sources may be split on the ingredient list into separate parts, such as rice bran or middlings, which makes it look as if there is more animal protein. You can obtain more detailed information if you contact the company.

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The optimum range of protein in a Bassets diet is dependent upon its age and other conditions, such as the quality of the protein. A smaller amount of high-quality (animal derived) protein is superior to a larger amount of lower quality (plant-derived) protein. In addition, puppies and senior dogs need more protein than young adults.

While we are on the topic, its possible to make a vegetarian of your Basset, but he probably wont like it. Like all dogs, Basset Hounds are omnivores, which means they can survive on a diet of plant or animal protein. However, dogs are designed to eat mostly meat. Normal Bassets (although they will eat a disconcerting array of objects) generally prefer beef to barley. Unless very carefully chosen, vegetables simply dont provide the complete amino acid palette that dogs in order to thrive. Even then, they want steak.

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Fats supply energy; provide essential fatty acids (EFAscritical nutrients the body cannot make for itself but must obtain from the diet); carry the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K; and comprise parts of the membranes surrounding cells. Fats also help make calcium available to the system. Siberian Huskies run the Iditarod on an unbelievable 70-percent fat diet.

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Bad treats include heat-sterilized bones or cow hooves (these are too hard and can break a tooth), and for many dogs, rawhide. Dogs that tear off and swallow large sections of rawhide should not have these treats because the chunks can cause choking or intestinal blockage. Pressed rawhide can be safer than traditional rawhide, but supervise all dogs when they chew these treats. Artificial edible bones are preferable, but remember to include them in your dogs total calorie count.

Do not feed your Basset chocolate, onions, grapes or raisins. Chocolate, especially bakers chocolate, can be toxic to dogs because they cant metabolize the theobromine in it properly. Even one-quarter cup of onions can cause hemolytic anemia, a very serious, although usually temporary, loss of red blood cells. Grapes and raisins have been implicated in the development of kidney failure, although your Basset would need to eat a lot of them for this to occur.

There is one treat I recommend above all others. It’s free, non-fattening, and better for your Basset than anything else love, pats, and praise.