There are many pet food that Cat Should Not Eat, in this article we will talk about all thing you should not feed your cat with.

Human Food: It is not a good idea to feed a cat leftovers from your own food. Leftovers do not satisfy the nutritional needs of your cat and only add calories or unnecessary things. It can also cause your cat to become a big annoyance while you are eating.

Dog Food: The needs of a cat are different than those of a dog.

Cats require higher levels of proteins than dogs. In respect to Taurine, which we spoke of before, it is very necessary for cats in their diet; dogs do not need this amino acid in their diet because their body produces it.

Cats require a greater concentration of Vitamin A in their diet. Dogs can metabolize beta-carotene as a source of Vitamin A, but cats cannot. Cats cannot produce a fatty acid called Araquidonic and it should be added to their diet; this fatty acid is not necessary for dogs to have in their diet. Therefore, if you allow a cat to eat a significant amount of dog food, their diet would be deficient in many of the nutrients required for normal metabolism.

Here we will give you another series of foods a cat should not eat and the ingredients that can cause the most problems for your cat:

  • Chocolate, Coffee and Tea: These products have a substance called Theobromine, which acts in the animal’s body: Raising the heart rate, acting as a powerful diuretic, causing dehydration, affecting the gastrointestinal system, causing vomiting and diarrhea and ulcers in the gastric mucous.  It also affects the nervous system, causing convulsions and sometimes death.
  • Onion: Onions contain a composite that is toxic for red blood cells (erythrocytes) in cats. It causes their destruction and can produce anemia.
  • Garlic: Garlic contains a composite similar to the onion, which causes anemia, however, the composite in garlic is much less toxic.
  • Fish bones, chicken bones, etc.
  • Cured Sausages (it can eat them processed; ham, turkey, etc.) 
  • Human vitamins which have a high concentration of iron.
  • A diet very rich in liver
  • Alcoholic beverages