Make Your Own Homemade Cat Toys

Your cats will let you know just how bored they were while you have gone in a number of ways. The torn pillows. Using the legs of the sofa as a scratching post. It’s all happened to every pet owner, that they need to have some pet toys whipped up in a hurry is the better part of caution. Your cats will not consider this a bribe, but rather prove positive that you properly worship them.

What Cats Need from Pet Toys

Cats aren’t cruel or simply letting off steam when they go after the furniture. Toys are even more critical to a cat than entertainment is to a human being. Cats need to express their prey-chasing instincts, and scratching is an inborn drive they also need to express. Some toys should be designed for chasing and pouncing if possible, while others created as a safe place to scratch. Others can give cats a new place to safely satisfy the need to explore.

Finding Objects in the Home

Cats will show you the very objects they are most interested in themselves by their behavior.  You just have to pay attention to what draws them, and those moments when their eyes go wide and see possibilities.

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Building a Tunnel for your Pets

Cats love boxes of all kinds. Pizza boxes, the big boxes that groceries are packed in, and while these interest kitties all by themselves, it’s possible to make a nice long cave for the cats they wander around in for a bit.

All you need is one pizza box and one or two grocery boxes. If the grocery boxes have flaps to close them take this off so both are open on one side. You will also need a bottle of glue and some strong scissors capable of cutting cardboard.

  • Cut the bottom of each of the grocery boxes. Then cut one small hole in the second grocery box. The hole should be large enough for your cat to crawl through without any difficulty. 
  • Glue the edges of the two grocery boxes together so it is now one large box, and then only for the cat to enter is through the holes you created.
  • Place the pizza box on top of the new larger box so that one fold of the box covers one hole in the larger box. When you’ve found the spot where the pizza creates a perfect easy-to-move-through “door” for over one of the holes glue the pizza box in place.

After the glue dries the cat will have a large box with a hole to enter through a flap he or she can open to exit the other end. Cats enjoy an environment where they can feel hidden. Expect to see the cat pop out from time to when you least expect it. Since grocery boxes are made of strong cardboard it’s possible for this toy to last for a while no matter how rough the kitty might play.

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The Hanger Toy

The only items you need for the hanger toy are an old wire clothes hanger, some strong string, a few old cat toys like rubber mice the cat has lost interest in, or doesn’t play with when alone. This is a great toy to revitalize old cat toys and make them fun for the cat to play with for long periods of time.

  • Tie several pieces of the string to the bottom of the wire hanger.
  • Secure the pet toys to the string allowing enough string that the toys will move, but not so much the cat will not get tangled in the string.
  • Place the hanger someplace it will securely hang, and the cat can’t pull it down, but low enough for the cat to bat or pounce at the hanging cat toys.

The Old Pill Bottle Toy

Almost everyone has a few old pill bottles lying around. They make a sound when shaken that excites cats, so once you’ve cleaned out the childproofed capped bottle and scrubbed off the label it’s time to look around for something to put inside that makes an exciting noise. Seeds or anything that’s small and rattles will work. Even though the cap is childproof it’s a good idea to glue the cap on, as we all know cats are cleverer than they let on when we are watching closely.

When cats play alone, there’s no telling what one or two of them might accomplish. If you have no pill bottles another possibilities for a rattle toy are the very small tins that candies come in, but again the lid should be glued down and allowed to dry before you give it to a kitty.

Using Some Imagination

It’s a good idea to use your imagination and find odd toy possibilities around the house. Look for those items that your cat displays an interest in, and see if you can’t adapt it for your pet.

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