How to Keep Your Pup Happy and Healthy While Traveling

How to Keep Your Pup Happy and Healthy While Traveling

Planning to make new memories coming vocations? While planning for a trip do not forget you are a pet owner and want your furry four-footer to stay happy and healthy no matter what you are planning ahead. Are you planning to board your companion dog for a few days?

Do you think it is the best option you have on your list? Well probably no! Leaving behind your pet will occupy a space in your mind that a part of your family is dependent on someone else to be taken care of. Well, I would suggest you to take your dog companion with you.

I can bet on it that dogs make a trip more fun filling but tables can turn down if you do not plan wisely. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you to keep your puppy healthy and happy throughout the trip.

Plan Ahead:

Travelling becomes more fun when you add your pet into the journey but the tables can turn down also. Travelling with a dull, bored or sick puppy is no fun, therefore, to avoid unnecessary stress take your four-footer to the vet few months before you are travelling.

Get him checked properly and take proper measures to get your pet in a good shape to travel with you. Always visit a vet week before leaving and let your pup get shots if he requires them. Get your pet’s vaccination records with you as you might require it to enter the country you are travelling to or you may require it if any emergency situation arises or your dog catches any radical disease.

In the same regard always prepare a first aid kit for your furry companion which contains some common medicines and stuff that is required for his first aid. The first aid kit must include commonly used items like tweezers, aspirin, a few Benadryl, gauze, tape and antiseptic wipes as you have no idea when your pet can get a minor scratch. If your dog is on any medications do not forget to keep them in your hand-carry so they will be on hand when required.

Your Pets Safety:

No matter whether your dog likes to wear a collar or not you must keep a harness, Collar or even leash while travelling to minimize the risk of getting him lost. In addition to this always attach a tag to your dog’s harness with his name, your name and your current contact details to find him easily if he gets separated. If your dog is microchipped do not forget to update it before leaving for travel. Another safety measure is to take a current picture of your dog with you.

To restrain your furry companion from running away you should get a pet carrier for him. Find a one in which he can stand or turn around easily. It will not only keep him away from running around but it will also save you some space.

Food and Water:

As we humans do not like every meal try at a new place similarly your dog may not like unfamiliar food that you will offer him in a new city or country. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your dog’s favourite food with you as much as you can. In addition to this different food can get your dog’s stomach upset and I hope that you do not want to spoil your vocations by upsetting his stomach. The same rule applies to water, keep bottled water and a collapsible container with you for your dog because the water he drinks from a road or a local creek may contain bacteria.

How to Deal with Anxiety: 

Animals usually feel uncomfortable and anxious when they are shifted to a new place. To reduce the anxiety of your dog always keeps his favourite blanket, your used shirt or anything that can smell familiar to them. Familiar smells provide them with the satisfaction of being near and close to someone known.

Secondly, when animals are anxious they try to chew things to release their anxiety and end up chewing your car seat covers. Therefore, always keep some chew toys with you while travelling to keep your pet calm.

Make Sure He Exercises:

Humans tend to get more exercise while travelling and exploring new destinations. Leaving your dog at home in the hotel has no fun for him. If your dog has a regular routine of going for walk or a park, try to find some places where he can tag along with you or just take him for a walk to the park. In this manner, your dog will stay happy and active at the meantime.

These were a few tips I have found out to work for me and my puppies. Hope this will help you too. Have a fun-filled and safe trip!