Your cat, like any other living thing, needs a lot of care for sick cat and pampering if it is not well. In this section, we want to offer you a complete guide so that you can take care of your cat the best possible way and try to make the recovery as fast and as satisfactory as possible.

How to Know if Your Cat Is Sick

If you pay attention to your cat’s appearance and behavior, you can detect the health problems your cat may have before they progress too far, avoiding serious problems. Pay attention to changes in behavior or appetite, high temperatures, dehydration and shivering.  If your cat becomes more quiet or less active, eats less than normal for a period of time, or generally looks down, these are the signs that they are not feeling well.  The best thing to do in these cases is to take it to the veterinarian for an examination.


Being sick lowers the desire to eat.  Give it something that does not take much to chew, boiled vegetables like carrots, spinach.  A little pasta.  You can also give it oats, without sugar, clearly. If nothing works, you can buy some concentrated vitamins and minerals and apply them on the nose and the paws; since they don’t like their paws dirty, they will lick them and eat the vitamins.


Give it plenty of water.  If it does not want to take it, administer it in a syringe.  The important thing is that it does not get dehydrated, so you can ask for some special saline for this purpose.

If your cat is small and you don’t mind giving it water, give it a small syringe every 15 minutes to half an hour.  If your cat is large, do the same, but with a large syringe.  If it does not want to take it, lift up the upper lip and you will see a space on the side between the teeth where you can squirt the water.


Keep the cat in an environment without humidity and with little noise.  Look for a place in the house where it will not be bothered.  The cat must be well protected.