Many dogs feel the need to roam and explore, much to the distress of their owners. While it may be difficult to keep an adventurous dog contained in a yard, an electric fence is one possible option that dog owners have. When containing a dog with an electric fence, it is possible to not only keep a dog in an intended area, but effectively train the dog to stay in the area.

What Is An Electric Fence?

An electric fence is a device that forms an electric barrier around a specific area and delivers a shock to a dog when he or she crosses the invisible barrier. For this purpose, when utilizing an electric fence, a dog must wear a special collar that delivers an electric shock when the barrier is crossed. While an electric fence delivers a shock to the dog when it crosses the set boundaries, the electric shock is not meant to injure the animal. The shock delivered to the dog can be set from low to high, depending on the size of the dog and the size of the shock needed to keep the dog within the limits of the fence.

The Electric Fence And Dog Training

When training a dog, an electric fence is a great tool. However, when the fence is first set up, the dog may be very confused as to why he or she is being shocked when running across the yard. Because of this, a dog must be effectively trained to respect the fence, when the fence is first installed.

To help a dog understand its boundaries, flags or other noticeable markings must be placed around the boundary. In addition, the collar used to deliver the shock may be manipulated so that the animal first only hears a warning noise when nearing the fence. To introduce the dog to the electric fence, the dog owner should place the dog on a lease, and walk the animal around it’s a new boundary line. Once the dog becomes aware of the new flags or markings, the dog owner should then proceed to walk the dog close to the boundary line until the animal hears the warning noise. Once the noise is heard, the owner should then direct the animal away from the fence and award the animal with a treat or praise. This will help the dog learn that the boundary, as marked by the flags, is not to be crossed.

Once the dog has been introduced to the new fence, it is time to set the collar to deliver a shock and allow the animal to test the boundaries on its own. While this may seem cruel, the dog will have to become aware of the consequences of crossing the boundary or the fence will be ineffective. However, once properly trained, the dog will respect the boundaries set by the electric fence and effectively stay within the confines of the yard.