Anybody who has ever owned a cat, or watched an internet video of a cat, will know just how much they love to chase things. The more realistic and rodent-like the object they are chasing is, the more the cat will love it. Obviously, there are thousands of cat toys on the market for owners to select from, but some have special features that make them that little bit more exciting.

Here, we have put together a review of one particular cat toy advertised on Media Network – the Cat’s Meow toy. This toy has rapidly become very popular, and if you’re looking for a new item for your feline companion to play with, you may find the information presented here useful and informative.

What is the Cat’s Meow Toy?

Motorized Wand Cat Toy

Product Feature

  • 3 SPEED SETTINGS – pull in your cat right away with a press of a catch, browse 3 rates
  • Mechanized MOUSE WAND – quietly moves and alters course when you wouldn’t dare to hope anymore
  • FUN EXERCISE – cats, everything being equal, will remain dynamic with Cat’s Meow. Forestalls tearing and scratching – keep kitty off your furnishings and floor coverings!
  • WORKS GREAT ON ALL FLOORS – rug, wood, or tile won’t meddle with kitty’s good times
  • 30 MINUTE AUTO SHUT-OFF – assists with monitoring battery life and expands recess

Cat’s Meow Toy – How It Works

Basically, this is a toy for your cat that is highly lifelike and copies the movement of a mouse or rat running around and hiding beneath a large, round sheet of fabric. The toy has a ball which is attached to a wand that pokes out of the fabric and looks like the tail of a mouse, and movement is controlled by a battery-operated motor. The tail is constantly moving, and randomly changes direction to keep your cat of any age entertained for hours.

The makers of the Cat’s Meow toy claim that it is the best toy for cats yet, and that they will never get tired of playing with it. They state that as well as playing with the toy, giving your cat exercise and keeping it occupied, this toy will also stop your cat from clawing or scratching furniture or carpets, or at least reduce the amount that it does so.

Many cat owners have purchased the Cat’s Meow toy due to these claims. It can be difficult to own a cat that scratches furniture all the time, and reducing the amount that this happens is something many owners are looking for, which is why they have been drawn to this product.

At this stage, there are numerous reviews available for this toy, with most users finding that their cat enjoyed playing with the Cat’s Meow toy. Many people have commented on the fact that their cat really tried to rip the toy apart, but the fabric sheet that the pretend mouse hides under is made of high quality, durable nylon that seems to stand up to the claws of even the toughest kitty.

Cat’s Meow Toy

If you want to enjoy yourself with your cute cats you can buy this toy that will be his most and enjoy his actions

Customers Reviews

People who have bought this cat’s toy say that they find their cats liking this toy and it helps to keep the cats entertained and busy even when they are not at home. Helps to keep the cats out of trouble and gives them exercise. One of the customers who bought this product says that her cats are mesmerized by the toy and wait for her to turn it on. Another said that their cat loves this toy and could not understand the bad reviews. She also said that this toy is durable and that when her cat jumps on it and stops the tail from moving, it makes a chirping noise and starts moving again when the cat lets go of it. She also said that the fabric is of a tight-knit material that does not get caught in the cat’s claws. Another customer who bought this toy says that few toys hold his cat’s interest, but with this toy his cat will play with it for hours. Another couple who bought this toy for their over weight indoor cat say that this toy gives their cat the exercise it needs and sometimes they leave it on overnight for their cat to play with. Though the cat has chewed off the tail and ripped the fabric, it still works.