Best Way to Entertain your Cat

Play is an important part of the cat’s life, especially if your cat spends his life indoors. He can exercise and release his hunting instinct.

Take the Time to Play with Your Cat

Do you have enough time to play with your cat? If your cat is a very energetic feline, you can do several gaming sessions a day. If your cat is calmer, two sessions a day are enough. Thus, you can organize a game session in the morning and one in the evening.

The game prevents cats from getting bored and helps to stimulate them mentally and physically. The game, if it is well done, can produce in the cat a feeling of hunting. Dopamine is released when the cat is playing or hunting.

The game also helps cats to socialize and build a link between cats and humans.

So you can see, playing with him is very important. Here are some tips for playing well with Best Cat Products.

Use your imagination

We often think that you just have to buy something to solve a problem, but you can make your cat’s toys yourself. Often, the best cat toys are the ones you improvise at home.

The foil ball is a great toy for your cat, but be careful, once you have finished playing with it, throw it away. You are not immune to your cat swallowing pieces. Above all, take aluminium that has not been used and does not smell of food to avoid encouraging your cat to bite into it.

Use safe toys

Security is the keyword. For some toys, you may know that they are dangerous for your cat. For example, small fishing rods with a toy at the end are great for your cat, but be careful, do not let him play alone. Always store the fishing rod when you have finished because it could strangle with the wire.

The toy must be like prey

The toy must move randomly and quickly and it must be dragged away from the cat-like a mouse that tries to escape. This will satisfy the instincts of the cat hunter. The perfect toy is therefore the fishing rod to give that impression of prey.

Each cat is different

Sometimes you can do whatever it takes, choose the right toy, anticipate, prevent hazards, play with your cat regularly, and yet your cat is not very playful with you. You must know your cat to find out what is best for him.

For example, some cats love to play but they prefer to play alone or only with you. If you have multiple cats and one does not play, try to take it apart and play along with it. Maybe he’s just shy of other cats, or he wants you exclusively for him.

Health can also have an important role. For example, if your cat has osteoarthritis, he will be less inclined to play than a healthy cat. For these cats, they will prefer a toy with which they can play while lying down.