Dogs are not only great company at home, perfect for encouraging exercise, but are also believed to improve your relationships. Dogs make us nice people and lift our spirits when we are out and about, which means we are more comfortable when we come home from a busy day at the office. Sources: 12

Having a dog encourages us to interact with other people, which makes us happier. Couples with pets who have a close relationship interact more than pet-less couples, according to a University of Buffalo study. They are also more satisfied with their relationship than with the one in which they are stressed. Sources: 3, 7, 12

These studies suggest that dogs encourage people to interact positively with each other. One study involved four experiments to test whether the presence of dogs promotes closer relationships between humans. The study, conducted at the University of Buffalo, did not explain why pet pairs are better communicators, but the researchers concluded that petting dogs cause people to seek more social contact with their loved ones and friends. Sources: 3, 7

Overall, 43 percent of couples said they felt more attracted to their partner after buying a dog. Another study showed that 43% found their partner sexier after getting the dogSources: 9, 10

Getting a dog is a great idea for any couple – or indeed any pet – but it requires a remarkable level of commitment. For millennials, the obligation to have a dog can be a big step, meaning your relationship is serious. Among Britons, a third (33 per cent) opted for a pony six years ago, while 28 per cent said it was one of the biggest signs of commitment in a relationship. Sources: 0, 8, 9

No matter how secure you are in your relationship, it feels good to know that your partner intends to keep you together at least for the duration of your dog’s life. Sources: 5

In fact, it is safe to say that dogs are better companions for many people. If you are thinking about getting a dog for your partner, don’t just make sure you pick the right companion for you. You say that a dog is a person’s best friend, which may sound sexist, but we want to correct that by saying that dogs can certainly be a couple’s best friend. Sources: 0, 11, 12

Not only new studies show that dogs can make couples stronger. A recent study found that couples who shared a dog were happier than those who did not. Some 88 percent of couples agreed that caring for a dog helps build teamwork, and 65 percent agreed that it helps build trust between two people. Sources: 0, 10

Focusing on the relationship with your dog is an important aspect of living with a friend of dog ownership. Relationships flourish when we strengthen the bond with our dogs, which is based on trust and mutual respect and respect. Let us consider a handful of ways in which we can consider this bond stronger than we think. Sources: 2, 4

To have a happy, frustration-free relationship with our dogs, we need more than just love and training. It is not enough to say that the relationship is symbiotic: the dog chases with us, drives us, and we keep him warm and feed him in return. We love dogs as friends and family members, and they enrich our lives in a unique way. Sources: 2, 4, 6

There are other ways dogs bring joy to our lives and our relationships with other people. We don’t talk much about the bond between dogs and pet parents. Scientists have observed in a variety of species that parents who play with their children have a closer relationship with them, and this also seems to apply to relationships between humans and dogs. Sources: 2, 4, 7

However, 36 percent of couples find it a hindrance to a relationship if the person they are with is not dog friendly. In contrast, dogs can have tense relationships with their owners if they are connected to their companion dog, but not if the companion dog is a friend of the dog or has an unsafe relationship with the dog. Sources: 0, 13

Future studies are needed to investigate whether partners in different relationships help or hinder dogs in coping with stress. In some relationships, the partner who is present, regardless of which species he belongs to, can modulate his reactions. Sources: 13

The most important finding of the present study is that individual partners play an important role in shaping dog relationships, regardless of which species the partner belongs to. Future studies should examine, for example, whether wolves, a close relative of dogs, have similarly strong relationships with conspecifics and stress buffers. Like their dog friends, dogs show a similar bond with the owner with whom they have a close relationship. Sources: 13

We all know dogs bring joy to our lives, but new research shows they can also do wonders for our relationships. People in the Twitter community have weighed in with their belief that a shared love of dogs can improve romantic relationships. We all believe that dogs not only improve our lives but a new study found that our furry friends can also be the answer to strengthening our romantic relationships.

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